The 2024 Game Changer in Academia, Society, and Global Economy

AI: The 2024 Game Changer in Academia, Society, and Global Economy

 Event Details:

  • Date and Time: January 30, 2024 at 12:00 (London) | 13:00 (Warsaw) | 04:00 (New York) | 21:00 (Dubai); 22:00 (Tokio) | DURATION: 2,5 – 3 hours
  • Global Participation: Connect with influential figures worldwide at this hybrid event (thanks to the ISRM Platform) or come to The Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw (limited seats)
  • Renowned Speakers: Engage with world-class experts and thought leaders in AI.

Step into the Future Today: Unlock the Secrets of AI’s Transformative Power!

Welcome to a world where the future of Artificial Intelligence unfolds before your eyes. The University of Warsaw proudly hosts “AI – The 2024 Game Changer in Academia, Society, and Global Economy,” a conference series that stands as a crucible of innovation and a nexus of transformative ideas. This event is not just a conference; it’s a journey into the heart of AI, offering a unique amalgamation of academic excellence, practical insights, and visionary foresight. Join us for an unparalleled opportunity to shape the future of AI, network with leading minds, and carve a niche for yourself in this dynamic field.

Highlighting David Rubens: We are honored to feature David Rubens, a globally recognized authority in risk analysis and crisis leadership. His expertise in navigating complex risk landscapes is invaluable for understanding AI’s role in strategic risk management. Dr. Rubens’ insights will be pivotal for anyone looking to grasp the intricacies of AI in high-stakes environments.

For Visionary Academics and Educators: This is your arena to engage with intellectual titans like Katarzyna Śledziewska, whose groundbreaking work at the intersection of AI and digital economics is reshaping our understanding of technology’s role in society and economy. Her insights will not only enlighten you but also empower you to integrate AI into your research and teaching methodologies, preparing the next generation for a technology-driven world.

For Progressive Policymakers and Social Leaders: Gain invaluable insights from the esteemed Aleksandar Bogdanović, whose unique blend of political acumen and technological understanding is crafting forward-thinking policies for a better tomorrow. His experience and insights will be your guide in formulating and implementing strategies that leverage AI for societal good, ensuring that innovation aligns with public welfare.

For Pioneers in Industry: Learn from the vanguard of the energy sector, Mirosław Skowron, as he shares his journey of revolutionizing industry practices through AI and automation. His expertise and visionary leadership in harnessing AI will inspire you to drive innovation and sustainability in your organization, ensuring you stay ahead in the competitive market.

For Social Psychologists and Human Behavior Experts: Delve into the fascinating world of human-machine interaction with  Konrad Maj. His pioneering work in this field offers a roadmap for understanding and leveraging the intersection of technology and human behavior, providing insights into how AI can be used to enhance human experiences and interactions.

For AI Enthusiasts and Economists: This conference is your gateway to understanding AI’s profound impact on the global economy and your chance to be part of the conversation that is shaping the future of technology. It’s an opportunity to witness firsthand how AI is not just a tool but a catalyst for economic transformation and societal advancement.

Join us for a transformative experience where science meets practice, theory intertwines with application, and ideas spark groundbreaking innovations. Your participation will not only enhance your understanding of AI but also place you at the forefront of this exciting field, ready to make your mark.

Piotr Senkus, our  host, is not just a facilitator but an embodiment of the spirit of innovation. His expertise in seamlessly integrating technology like AI into both the business and academic realms sets the stage for a conference that’s as informative as it is inspiring, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Register now and be part of the AI revolution that is reshaping our world!

Key Note Experts


Executive Director in The Institute of Strategic Risk Management (London, GB),  D.SyRM, CSyP, F.ISRM, Professor of the Ukraine Global Faculty 

David Rubens brings thrill-seeking bravado to the world of risk and crisis management as a globally recognized authority adept at strategically maneuvering complex situations.

Armed with a PhD in security and risk management and battle-tested mettle honed from consulting with governments and leading organizations worldwide, Dr. Rubens leads expeditions into uncharted territory.

He channels his relentless drive into roles like directing the International Postgraduate Study Programme in Strategic Risk and Crisis Management for the United Nations University and guiding Berlin School of Economics and Law’s Security Management Master’s program.

Previously, he lectured at UK’s prestigious Cranfield University Defence Academy, the University of Leicester’s security and counterterrorism graduate program, and beyond – imparting strategic insights to prepare the next generation of leaders confronting risk and  the European Center for Peace and Development (ECPD) University for Peace established by the United Nations.

Dr. Rubens also founded the Institute of Strategic Risk Management in 2018 to rally fellow explorers. Through ISRM, he develops cutting-edge risk and crisis management training and leads seminars across the globe – equipping decision makers to traverse turbulence.

With his expertise in steering complex city and infrastructure operations, Dr. Rubens advises at the highest levels of government and business across Europe, Asia, Africa and beyond.

He brings intellectual prowess and real-world hardened skills crucial for advancing the practice of risk management into unmapped regions. Dr. Rubens continues pushing boundaries so that organizations worldwide can strategically navigate storms.


Secretary General of the Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro, former Minister of Culture and Media, Mayor of the Royal Capital of Montenegro, and Member of Parliament

Aleksandar Bogdanovic brings an adventurer’s spirit to politics and academia as a trailblazing Montenegrin statesman and scholar.

His prowess crossing between public and private sectors shows in appointments like Minister of Culture and Media, Mayor of Montenegro’s storied royal capital, and MP. At universities worldwide, he imparts economic and European Union fiscal insights.

Aleksandar’s quest for knowledge also shines through prestigious fellowships, including visiting a spectrum of global cities from Beijing to New York as a young UN leader.

Along his remarkable journey, Aleksandar garnered Montenegro’s Best Mayor award and Italy’s eminent Order of the Star honor. He even earned a Kentucky Colonel commission from the Governor and the key to the city of Miami Beach.

Yet with accolades and high-ranking government posts, Aleksandar stays grounded in academia. He teaches financial and economic courses while authoring research still valued today.

With drive fueled by curiosity, Aleksandar continues bridging public service and scholarship – gaining recognition for his daring ideas, building connections worldwide, and guiding Montenegro towards new horizons.


Director of DeLab at University of Warsaw, Professor at the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Warsaw

Katarzyna Śledziewska fearlessly charges the frontlines where cutting-edge technology transforms business and society as a trailblazing professor and digital economics explorer.

As Director of the University of Warsaw’s DELab and Chair of the Technological Transformation Department, Katarzyna leads expeditions into the uncharted terrain where artificial intelligence reshapes work and culture. She charts how digital innovations disrupt global markets while guiding firms and governments towards new horizons.

Katarzyna carries on her academic quest to understand technology’s immense power by connecting it to previous research on globalization and regional economies.

She pens pioneering reports and books like “The Economics of Digital Transformation” that help decision-makers traverse formerly unnavigable digital landscapes now integral to strategic management.

Armed with an insatiable intellectual curiosity, Katarzyna continues pushing boundaries in the dynamic realm of digital transformation, scouting opportunities for organizations to leverage AI and other exponential technologies to race ahead of disruption.

So buckle up for Katarzyna’s next daring digital discoveries revealed in cutting-edge research and advisory roles in business and government worldwide! Uncharted territory awaits this intrepid digital explorer.


Head of SWPS University’s HumanTech Center for Social and Technological Innovation

Konrad Maj fearlessly traverses the uncharted crossroads of technology and society as a trailblazing social psychologist and innovation pioneer.

As Head of the HumanTech Centre for Social and Technological Innovation at SWPS University, Konrad leads courageous expeditions into emerging realms like human-robot interactions. He also steers research uncovering how technologies shape influence and media as both risks and opportunities.

Through initiatives like the “HumanTech Meetings,” Konrad rallies interdisciplinary explorers, decision-makers, and the public around the exciting potential in social sciences and cutting-edge technologies collaborating.

He lends his expertise advising top institutions advancing innovation, including Dutch and Portuguese research councils and Pittsburgh’s prestigious Carnegie Mellon University.

Fueled by intellectual curiosity, Konrad continues scouting new frontiers where human behavior and technology intersect while mentoring SWPS University students in this brave new world.

With many high-impact publications and his selection among SWPS University’s 25 most exceptional graduates, he charts daring directions where psychology and technology combine to drive progress.


Founder @VolareVers, XR Strategist, Learning and Development, PhD Candidate / Metaverse and AI in International Relations

Atilla Arda Beşen charted a path at the vanguard of innovation and global affairs from an early age. His unrelenting curiosity fueled earning a bachelor’s degree in political science and international relations from Istanbul University, then a master’s degree in international relations from the prestigious University of Warsaw.

Now pursuing a PhD from Warsaw dissecting AI and metaverse governance, Atilla already boasts trailblazing leadership experience steering think tanks and startups. His grit was forged working in Accenture Poland’s pressure cooker.

As founder of cutting-edge corporate immersion platform VolareVers, Atilla keeps pioneering — from revolutionizing learning through extended reality to building virtual campuses transporting teams into tomorrow.

Yet whether advising C-suites on exponential technology or mentoring young entrepreneurs, his personal credo shines through:

“While we cannot control external dynamics, we can control our responses through courage.”

Well-versed in volatility’s realities, Atilla believes visionary, ethical leadership can chart new courses even amidst turmoil. That’s why he’s committed to progress empowered by human values.

Because with technology moving fast, we need nimble navigators with both prowess and conscience. Atilla vows we will traverse this adventure together.


CEO, COO, Board Member, Chief Technology, Board Adviser. Business Development Director of the Energy, Chemical and Mining Industries

Mirosław Skowron charges ahead undaunted as a trailblazing energy sector leader, harnessing innovation to illuminate the path toward national energy security and sustainability.

With engineering and business credentials from top academic institutions, Mirosław bridges industry and academia by building a more intelligent energy infrastructure.

As CEO of the crude oil and fuel transport and storage firm PERN, he’s now taking the pole position, steering their drive into game-changing technologies like renewable energy integration, automation, and predictive analytics.

Mirosław knows the terrain ahead holds risks, with volatile geopolitics and accelerating climate pressures snarling progress. But where others balk at the obstacles, he sees an open trail ripe for disruptive solutions.

Under his fearless leadership, PERN will blaze the trail in leveraging bleeding-edge tools like artificial intelligence and IoT sensors to optimize assets, redirect resources, and provide future-proof energy access for future generations.

The journey won’t be easy, but Mirosław will reach ambitious sustainability targets fueled by his inexhaustible determination to innovate. So, ready your compass and crampons—adventure awaits!



AI Use Case Architect, BPM Manager, Senior Consultant, Solution Architect, Business Professional,  Associate Professor Adjunct | Co-founder of BPM Competence Center Faculty of Economic Sciences University of Warsaw

Piotr J. Senkus brings an intrepid explorer’s drive to charting digital frontiers as a trailblazing AI researcher and business transformation trailblazer.

With expertise honed through spearheading innovations for organizations worldwide, Piotr charts optimal pathways for integrating exponential technologies like process automation, blockchain, analytics, and artificial intelligence.

Armed with creative courage, Piotr continues pushing boundaries across industries and academia, leading projects related to process improvement and applying chatbots and machine learning to accelerate organizations’ evolution.

As a professor, he sparks students’ imaginations for building a brighter future alongside AI and mentors next-generation leaders on responsibly harnessing technology to drive sustainable progress.

Piotr will ascend to new peaks guided by his compass, oriented towards empowering people and organizations to thrive through digital transformation. He’s just getting started trailblazing!



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Alojzy Z. Nowak

His Magnificence Rector of the University of Warsaw


Gabriela Grotkowska

Dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences University of Warsaw

Lord Toby Harris

F.ISRM, President of the ISRM

Grzegorz Karasiewicz

Dean of the Faculty of Management at University of Warsaw

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Thank you for your exceptional dedication to the “AI – The 2024 Game Changer” conference. Your hard work and team spirit have been crucial in creating a successful, insightful event, showcasing the transformative power of AI. Your efforts not only enriched this event but also set a remarkable example for others. Your contribution is a stepping stone towards shaping the future of AI in various sectors, inspiring others to participate and make a difference. Your enthusiasm and commitment have truly made an impact, encouraging more students to join and contribute to such transformative projects.

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